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"Music is organic". Anything, even the sound of a train rattling on the tracks brings forth rhythmic verses in my mind." - Rory.  She also feels that the importance of music in our society cannot be underestimated.

The richness and diversity of her CD “Chic to Cheek” is reflective of Rory’s own multifarious musical journey.  She began studying “classical piano” at the age of five and developed her technique performing many of the most notable works in the classical repertory.  She went on to study viola and performed with a local orchestra in Rhode Island, her home base.  Her interests took another turn as a multi-keyboardist/vocalist with a very popular Newport, RI Top 40 band.

After many successful years with the band, she began developing a love of Jazz, which continues to be the true and abiding musical love of her life.  She formed several different trios and quartets, which ran the gamut of R&B, Folk and Standards, performing in Boston, New York, Florida as well as Rhode Island. In recent years, she has spent time as pianist in the rare Big Band scene.  Her far ranging musical interests led to a brief stint doing vocals and guitar in a local Blue Grass Band.  As her history suggests, crossing genres and transcending styles comes naturally to her.  For as she says, “its all music”, and this conviction continues to influence her art in both live as well as studio work. 

Fortunately, Rory found a musical soul-mate in her husband, Ric Ranucci, who is himself a musical genius in a great many ways.  They lend their fresh musical stylings to Rock, Standards and even "Classical" pieces and always with verve. When the versatile duo performs live, audiences are often heard to comment, “they do everything” and “ it is mesmerizing to watch them”.   Ric’s contribution to the CD “Chic To Cheek” is that of producer, but his talents were enlisted for the background vocals of Nat King Cole’s, “Hit That Jive, Jack” on the third track.  This was the Cole’s trio most famous group vocal, and Ric’s background vocal tracks added the feel of Cole’s cool sidemen.

Collaborative CDs include "Sea Shanties For The Road" and "Party Music" featuring both Rory and Ric Ranucci.

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