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Chic To Cheek

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Jazz for music lovers who are not fond of jazz. A transitional CD to further seek the pleasures of jazz. Beloved classic tunes with a "Nat King Cole" type of arrangement.

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Chic To Cheek Info

The arrangements on “Chic To Cheek”, similar to a live set, are so varied and eclectic that finding a suitable title must have been a challenge. One of Rory’s talents is a knack for coming up with just the right phrase. "Chic To Cheek" cleverly captures the varied content of the CD’s diverse styles from the “Chic” of Sophisticated Lady” and “How Insensitive” to the “Cheek” of “Some Cats Know” and “Love You Madly.”

The bassist, Dave Zinno, and the guitarist, Jon Wheatley are among the finest musicians playing today. They have to their credit playdates with the likes of Diana Krall and Ron Carter and too many others to name. Their solos on these cuts will leave no doubt in the mind of the jazz aficionado of their exceptional musicianship and love of the creative adventure which is jazz.

Praise must also go to engineer, Steve Rizzo, of Stable Sound Studios in Portsmouth, RI, where, through the studio’s windows, one can literally view horses trotting by silently in the ring of the Vanderbilt Stables to which this studio is attached. It is a magical and surreal environment for recording, and the products coming out of this studio reflect this in their creativity.

"Chic To Cheek" can also be purchased at, Itunes, and at

The making of this CD seems to be an invitation to share in this singular jazz experience of musical genres, cultures and languages, and to be transported to the places these musicians visited during the recording. Caio, fellow travellers!

Singalong Sea Shanties

Sea Shanties For The Road

Rory and Ric Ranucci

The ideal singalong CD for automobile trips with the kids or the young at heart who love to sing. These tunes developed the magnificent singing voices of the seafaring men and women from the earliest days of our country.

A lyric book will soon be available, but for now these public domain lyrics can be downloaded from the internet. Your kids will have the opportunity to use their vocals chords and relate to one another musically and otherwise.

Singing sea shanties in the car is healthy exercise and fun with the family. It can also be an introduction into history as children research the origins of the lyrics.

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