1. The Ebeneezer

From the recording Sea Shanties For The Road

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I shipped on board of the Ebenezer, Every day was a scrub and grease her
Send us aloft to scrape her down, And if we growl they’ll blow us down
CHORUS: Git along boys get along do, Handy me boys, so han-dy (repeat)
The old man was a drunken geezer
Couldn’t sail the Ebeneezer
Learned his trade on a Chinese junk
He spent most time, sir, in his bunk
The chief mates name was Dickie Green, Sir, 
The dirtiest beggar you ever seen sir
Walkin’ the quarter with a bucko roll 
The shark got his body and devil had his soul
The bo’sun came from Tennessee, sir
He always wore a blackball cheeser.
He had a gal in every port
At least that’s what his missus thought.